Manufacturers we represent

Founded in 2004, in Silicon Valley and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Active-Semi is a leader in the multi-billion dollar power management IC and intelligent digital motor drive IC markets. The company's portfolio of analog and mixed-signal SoCs are scalable core platforms used in charging, powering and embedded digital control systems for end applications such as industrial, commercial and consumer equipment. The company offers power application microcontrollers, DC/DC, AC/DC, and PMUs that significantly reduce solution size and cost while improving system-level reliability.

Active-Semi's Power Application Controller (PAC) IC includes a 32-bit Cortex-M0, with multimode power manager and other smart analog and power peripherals for a wide range of applications including wireless power, motor drives, and LED lighting.

CUI is an electronic components manufacturer specializing in a diverse range of product technologies. As a leader in power electronics, CUI strives to improve the energy efficiency and environmental credentials for our customers. CUI’s AC/DC power supplies range from 1 W to 12,000 W and its available in external and embedded configurations with a variety of features and certifications. The DC/DC converter line ranges from 1 W to 600 W, providing customers with a diverse selection of package configurations, input and output voltage options, protections and unique features. CUI’s interconnect, audio, motion and thermal management products provide reliable solutions for a variety of market segments.

CUI Inc. is a subsidiary of CUI Global, Inc., a publicly traded company whose common stock trades on the NASDAQ Exchange under the symbol CUI.

InnoPhase has the world’s lowest power WiFi radio. It’s a single-chip 2.4-GHz 802.11b radio with active power less than 25mA for both Tx and Rx and sleep mode current at 12uA. In addition to Talaria ONE Wi-Fi radio, InnoPhase has also designed the world’s lowest power Smart Wi-Fi module reference design. InnoPhase has partnered the Talaria ONE radio with Ambiq Micro Apollo® ultra-low power MCU to create the world’s lowest power Smart Wi-Fi module reference design; the perfect battery-based intelligent IoT node.

Swissbit, the largest independent embedded memory and storage solutions manufacturer in Europe, was created through a management buy-out from Siemens Semiconductor in 2001. With over 20 years of experience in the memory & storage industry Swissbit has become a world class leader in technology, supplying high quality, high-reliability memory & storage solutions. Swissbit product offering includes SLC, MLC and pSLC Flash memory products in a wide range of form factors including M.2, mSATA, eUSB, 2.5, CF, uSD, eMMC, etc.

Taiwan Semiconductor was established in 1979 and is a market leader in Power Rectifiers, Trench Schottkys, Analog ICs, LED Driver ICs, Power Transistors, and MOSFETs. Focusing on high quality, Taiwan Semiconductor’s China and Taiwan fabs are fully compliant with the latest automotive and environmental standards (TS16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001).